Fields of Expertise

    It takes a thorough understanding of administrative law and the legal guidelines and requirements imposed by the government

    With a broad range of experience conducting complex fraud and financial investigations, our team at Harb Law finds

    Harb Law has a very deep commitment to human rights work. We regularly represent individuals and entities who

    Irrespective of the size of your project/company, at Harb Law we assist you throughout your business life. Our

Our lawyers have been drafting projects of laws for over 50 years and have contributed to the enactment of more than 150 laws.

About Us!


Harb Law has been providing professional legal counseling and services for more than 40 years. We emphasize on sound legal representation while providing full range of legal advice required by our clients.

With Harb Law’s founder MP Boutros HARB being a member of the Lebanese parliament since 1972, our teams have built a significant cap in the legislative field; we have proudly contributed to the enactment of several laws through the drafting of over 100 proposed legislation.



Our knowledge of the law along with broad and deep experience in regulatory legal compliance and business challenges allows us to provide our clients with practical and effective solutions.

Our deep knowledge of how public institutions function provides our clients with an efficient and practical approach to establish and protect their business in the country. In fact, our teams are adequately skilled in managing the legal risks around any type of business. Therefore, Harb Law bridges the gap between your business requirements and the compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

In litigation processes, we defend our client’s case with the highest competence and efficiency.



We are in a unique position to provide you with a solid platform that will help you structure your career as well as your areas of focus.
As an attorney at Harb Law you will be constantly mentored and advised on your professional path.

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