It takes a thorough understanding of administrative law and the legal guidelines and requirements imposed by the government to successfully challenge an agency’s adverse action or to advocate for a favorable decision.

Civil Rights and Human Rights Law

Harb Law has a very deep commitment to human rights work.

We regularly represent individuals and entities who have been the victim of harassment, coercion, intimidation, physical violence or discrimination, as well as those whose constitutional rights have been violated by the government, employers or others.

We also represent individuals who have been victims of torture, human trafficking, forced and slave labor, sexual violence, and other violations of international law.

We pride ourselves on serving the needs of our clients by providing the highest quality legal services, while at the same time promoting social justice through the vigorous enforcement of our constitution.

Our attorneys bring a passion for justice in their representation of survivors and victims of human rights abuses.

Moreover, Harb Law has represented and defended top tier news papers, television corporations and journalists as part of our national mission to protect the freedom of the press and the civil rights of the Lebanese people.