It takes a thorough understanding of administrative law and the legal guidelines and requirements imposed by the government to successfully challenge an agency’s adverse action or to advocate for a favorable decision.

Commercial law

Irrespective of the size of your project/company, at Harb Law we assist you throughout your business life.

Our sound experience across all commercial law areas allows us to advise all types of companies in all shapes.

Our team offers the below services:

1- Structuring:

Lawyers at Harb Law will advise you on the structure of your business, whether you wish to establish a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a joint-stock company, a start-up, a joint venture or a group of companies.

Our team also offers restructuring services when businesses are facing financial and operational challenges.

2- Contracts:

Lawyers at Harb Law will draft, review and negotiate all types of agreements and will advise you throughout your contractual arrangements while making sure all contingencies and risks are accounted for, your best interest is accommodated and provisions are formulated in a fashion that limits potential areas of liability.

3- Commercial disputes and litigation:

Our commercial dispute resolutions and litigation services cover all areas where differences and contractual breaches arise between partners, shareholders and parties to a business.

Our Business litigation services focus mainly on breaches to contractual obligations, minority shareholders protection, investors’ rights protection, debt recovery  etc…

4- Leasing:

5- Franchises:

6- Bankruptcy and insolvency:

7- Finance: